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Registering a domain name is your first step in creating a presence on the Internet. It helps other people find you or your business on the web. Regzilla offers .com, .net, .org, .asia, .at, .be, .biz, .ca, .cc, .ch, .cn, .de, .dk, .es, .eu, .fr, .info, .it, .li, .me, .mobi, .com.mx, .nl, .tv, .uk and .us registrations.

All Regzilla domain registrations include an easy-to-use web interface for managing your domain and any additional services.

Register your .com, .net, and .org domain names with Regzilla for only $15 per year! Why pay another registrar $35 per year? See Registration Pricing for other top level domains.

If you don't already have a domain name and would like to register one, if you have a registered domain, or know of one, and would like to check its WHOIS information, or if you'd like to transfer a domain name to Regzilla, use the links below:

Those of you who would like to register or transfer multiple domains at once are welcome to use Regzilla's Bulk Registration and Transfer facility.

How much does a Domain Name cost?

Prices for domain names vary. 1 year's registration of .com, .net, or .org domains costs $15.00. See Domain Pricing for other top level domains like .asia, .at, .be, .biz, .ca, .cc, .ch, .cn, .de, .dk, .es, .eu, .fr, .info, .it, .li, .me, .mobi, .com.mx, .nl, .tv, .uk and .us.

The cost of a domain transfer is the same as a one-year registration. Your payment extends your domain registration for an additional year.

What do I get with my Domain Name?

All Regzilla registrations include an easy-to-use web interface for managing your domain, and the services listed below.

  • Domain Parking
    Domain Parking allows people on the Internet to know that your domain has been registered, and that a new web site is on its way. You can turn off Domain Parking using Regzilla's Basic DNS Services, and point people to your full web site when it is ready.

  • Basic DNS Services
    Domain Name Service (DNS) helps people get to your website. It tells them where to find your web site, and where email should be routed. Basic DNS entries can be maintained for Regzilla domain customers who use Regzilla for their Primary Name Server.

  • Basic Mail Services
    Email to addresses at your domain can be forwarded to your existing email account.

Additional services that can be added to a domain registration include WHOIS Privacy Service, Basic Domain Hosting (web site hosting), and Basic and Corporate Email.

To register a domain name, first lookup a domain, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration.

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