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Top Level Domain Minimum
Price per Domain
per Year
WHOIS Privacy
.com, .net, .org1 year$15.00$5.00/year
.asia1 year$21.00n/a
.at1 year$38.00n/a
.be1 year$23.00n/a
.biz2 years$15.00$5.00/year
.ca1 year$27.00n/a
.cc1 year$45.00$5.00/year
.ch1 year$113.00n/a
.cn1 year$52.00n/a
.de1 year$15.00n/a
.dk1 year$23.00n/a
.es1 year$15.00n/a
.eu1 year$15.00n/a
.fr1 year$38.00n/a
.info2 years$15.00$5.00/year
.it1 year$23.00n/a
.li1 year$45.00n/a
.me2 years$30.00n/a
.mobi1 year$23.00n/a
.com.mx1 year$45.00n/a
.nl1 year$15.00n/a
.tv1 year$52.00$5.00/year
.co.uk, .org.uk2 years$26.00n/a
.us2 years$15.00n/a

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