Domain Transfers

Transferring your domain name to Regzilla can save you money over many other registrars. The service fee you pay to Regzilla for your domain transfer benefits you as well since it extends your domain's registration for an additional year. It's a win-win situation for you!

How the Transfer Process Works

While most domain transfers are made merely to avoid unnecessarily high fees charged by other registrars, domain owners can also elect to change ownership and management for their domain during a transfer. In order to prevent fraudulent transfers, there is a confirmation and authorization process.

Within a few minutes after you initiate the transfer a Transfer Request authorization email will be sent to your domain's current Administrative Contact from OpenSRS Transfer asking you to accept or decline the transfer.

There will be a link in the email along with your Domain Name and a Transfer Key that you take you to a Transfer Confirmation page where you need to login and authorize the transfer. The page is hosted by Tucows / OpenSRS, which is the company Regzilla uses to perform domain transfers.

The Transfer Confirmation Form will show your current registrar and ask you to accept the terms of the Domain Transfer and Registration Contract, approve any changes to your WHOIS information, and authorize the transfer to Regzilla.

After agreeing to the transfer, the request will be sent to your current registrar who may take up to 7 days to complete the transfer.

Things to Watch Out For in a Transfer

If you are changing your Administrative Contact or your Administrative Contact's email address, keep in mind that the Transfer Request email will be sent to your current Administrative Contact. Lookup your domain in WHOIS to find out who your current Administrative Contact is.

In most cases these will be the same email address, but since you are allowed to choose a new Administrative Contact during the transfer, it is important to keep this in mind.

Tranfsers Away and Your Domain Auth Code

If you need to transfer your domain away from Regzilla we are very sorry to have you leave. You will need to provide your domain's Domain Auth Code to your new registrar to complete the transaction for .com, .net, and .org domains.

This information can be found on the Domain Extras page. Login with your domain name, username, and password. Then cut-and-paste the Domain Auth Code to your transfer form with your new registrar.

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