Web Site Statistics

Your web site's logfile keeps track of every request made by surfers coming to your web site. Regzilla takes samples from these logs on a regular basis to provide its customers with statistical data about their web traffic.

Samples are taken as summaries of five minute intervals.

These web site statistics are then broken out into categories which are most useful (statistically) in profiling your web traffic. The first two of these statistics are often used interchangeably and deserve some discussion.

While this confusion is understandable given that they are similar, they do measure different things. In general, Webmasters are interested in how many times a page on their web site is Viewed (also called Page Views). Since an individual page is often made up of several elements (images, backgrounds, icons, and other included elements like scripts and style sheets), one Page View will usually require a web surfer to perform multiple downloads from your web site. These are refered to as Hits.

The other two statistics are much more straight forward. Errors are the number of times a surfer requested a page that isn't on your web site, or that a script on your web site had a problem. If you don't have scripts, this will only represent requests for missing pages. Invalid requests such as these usually arise from surfers using stale bookmarks or following out-of-date links from Search Engines or other web pages.

Bytes are the number of bytes that were transferred during a given sampling period. Divide by 1000 to get kilobytes (KB) or by 1,000,000 to get megabytes (MB).

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