Web Site Reports

Want to know what's going on on your web site, but don't want to spend hours pouring over your logfiles? While we recommend customers who need detailed web site profiling and usage information use professional software that can be downloaded from the Internet, we've got just the thing for your basic needs.

Our reports can be emailed to you on a daily and monthly basis summarizing all your traffic.

What does the report look like?

Well, here's a sample report:

Total Site Traffic  - 61520
Web Traffic         - 61520
FTP Traffic         - 1027
Web Hits            - 22
Web Page Views      - 6
Unique Visitors     - 5
Search Engine Crawls- 2
Search Engine Referrals- 0

Top 20 URLs -

        /webmail/src/right_main.php - 6
                                  / - 5
      /webmail/images/sort_none.png - 5
             /webmail/src/login.php - 1
         /webmail/src/read_body.php - 1
           /webmail/src/webmail.php - 1
         /webmail/src/left_main.php - 1
                          /webmail/ - 1
          /webmail/src/redirect.php - 1

Top 20 Clients by hits -

 h00dead70beef.ne.client2.attbi.com - 17
                 dex-252-16.dxi.net - 2
                       www.whois.sc - 1
            - 1
              - 1

Top 20 Clients by bytes -

 h00dead70beef.ne.client2.attbi.com - 59074
                 dex-252-16.dxi.net - 1028
            - 799
                       www.whois.sc - 780
              - 780

Top 20 Referring Systems -

                       www.whois.sc - 2

Top 20 FTP Users -

                            joeuser - 1027

What does all this mean?

Let's take it step by step. The first thing in the report is a set of summaries:

Total Site Traffic
This is the total number of bytes sent and received by your web site. It's the sum of Web Traffic and FTP Traffic.
Web Traffic
The number of bytes sent and received by your web site using HTTP. For most web sites, this represents most web surfer traffic.
FTP Traffic
The number of bytes sent and received by your web site using FTP. For most web sites, this represents web publishing (uploading pages and images to your web site).
Web Hits
Shows how many web requests were made to your web site for web pages, images, and other content.
Web Page Views
This is the number of times pages on your web site were loaded. A "Page View" differs from a "Hit" in that to load a single page from your web site may require a surfer to download several images and other content. The Hit count is are nearly always greater than Page Views.
Unique Visitors
This will show how many different surfers came to your web site.
Search Engine Crawls
Search Engines like Google and Yahoo come to web sites from time to time to take a snapshot. The number here shows you how many pages they indexed.
Search Engine Referrals
This value can help you to gauge how many visitors are coming to your web site from a search engine. While there are thousands of search engines and link referrers on the Internet, this report only counts the most popular ones.

After the summaries are the "Top 20" lists. Top 20 URLs shows you which pages on your web site are the most popular. The number tells how many times each page was loaded.

The next two lists show information about Clients. Clients include both web surfers viewing your site and search engines indexing it. Top 20 Clients by hits shows the number of Hits, and Top 20 Clients by bytes tells you how many bytes they loaded.

Next are the referrers. Top 20 Referring Systems shows the most common places from which your web surfers come. These include search engines, link lists, and any other web sites that point surfers to your web site.

Finally there is the Top 20 FTP Users section. This shows the number of bytes uploaded to or downloaded from your web site by FTP. Web publishing normally accounts for all of this traffic.

How come some Clients have IP addresses instead of names?

When a surfer comes to your web site, they identify themselves with an IP address. In order to come up with a meaningful name (like www.domain.com), these addresses need to be looked up in DNS (the Domain Name System). Not all ISPs provide meaningful names for their addresses. We do our best to give you a useful name, and when we cannot, we list the address instead.

What else can I find out about my web traffic?

These reports are only meant to give you high-level information about your web surfer traffic and web site usage, but there is much more that can be gleaned from your web logs.

Without needing to purchase complicated content management software for your web site, or even without tracking cookies, you can find out all sorts of demographic information about your web surfers, their surfing profiles, how your web site is surfed, and how you can get your information to your surfers more efficiently.

You can tell where your surfers go to first, what pages they view, and even what links they click on (and what they don't).

All of this is available in your web logs. All you need is the right software to analyze them.

What logfile analysis software does Regzilla recommend?

Recommended Web Site Log File Analysis software packages:FastStats Analyzer from Mach5
OpenWebScope from NYC Software
Search for Log File Analysis packages on Google

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