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Regzilla Products and Services

Regzilla offers a full suite of services to the Internet community - including Domain Registration and WHOIS Privacy Service, Domain Hosting, and Email with Virus and Spam filtering.

You can register, transfer, and manage your new and existing domain names with Regzilla. Prices for 1 year's registration of .com, .net, or .org domains are $15.00. See Domain Pricing for other top level domains like .asia, .at, .be, .biz, .ca, .cc, .ch, .cn, .de, .dk, .es, .eu, .fr, .info, .it, .li, .me, .mobi, .com.mx, .nl, .tv, .uk and .us.

All Regzilla domain registrations include an easy-to-use web interface for managing your domain, and any of the services listed below.

  • WHOIS Privacy Service
    Regzilla's WHOIS Privacy Service makes the contact information for your domain private, while remaining in compliance with ICANN policies.

  • Domain Parking
    Domain Parking allows people on the Internet to know that your domain has been registered, and that a new web site is on its way. You can turn off Domain Parking using Regzilla's Basic DNS Services, and point people to your full web site when it is ready.

  • Basic DNS Services
    Domain Name Service (DNS) helps people get to your website. It tells them where to find your web site, and where email should be routed. Basic DNS entries can be maintained for Regzilla domain customers who use Regzilla for their Primary Name Server.

  • Basic Mail Services
    Email to addresses at your domain can be forwarded to your existing email account.

Additional services that can be added to a domain registration include Domain Hosting (web site hosting and virtual private servers) and Email.

To register a domain name, first lookup a domain, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration.

Regzilla offers standard web hosting packages as well as virtual private servers for customers with more specific needs.

Standard Domain Hosting

Basic Domain Hosting service comes with 200 megabytes of disk space for web pages, scripts and images, an email account, and 2 gigabytes of bandwidth, all for $25.00 per month.

Intermediate Domain Hosting service includes 300 megabytes of disk space, 5 email accounts, and 15 gigabytes of bandwidth for $50.00 per month.

Advanced Domain Hosting comes with 500 megabytes of disk space, 5 email accounts, and 50 gigabytes of bandwidth, all for $100.00 per month.

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Customers can have Regzilla host their email service (SMTP and IMAP services). A web-based administrative interface allows the customer to manage user passwords and vacation messages / out-of-office auto-replies, and to manage email forwards and aliases.

The Basic Email product is offered on an address-by-address basis. Each address costs $5.00 per month. Corporate customers may receive a discount for quantities of email addresses. Contact sales@regzilla.com for Corporate pricing.

Basic and Corporate Email customers can also subscribe to Virus and Spam filtering services. These services automatically filter and remove viruses and spam (junk mail) from your Inbox. These services can be used separately as needed, or together for added protection.

The Virus Filtering service costs $1.00 per email address per month.
The Spam Filtering service costs $1.00 per email address per month.

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