Basic Web Hosting

My Web Site Maintenance Account

Customers who subscribe to Regzilla's Basic Web Hosting offering can maintain their web site using the Web Site Maintenance Account and password they supplied in the web hosting section of the domain management interface.

This name and password may be different from the username and password used to access the domain management interface, since it must be unique to the web site, and a given customer may manage more than one web site.

It may take several hours for the changes to propagate for new web sites, but within about an hour the account name and password will be functional for posting web site content.

Uploading content to my web site

It is recommended that customers use the hostname "" for uploading their content for the first day or so, and use the name "" (where is your domain name) thereafter. This will allow customers to get their content onto the site quickly, even before all of the changes have propagated.

Customers can publish their web sites using FTP. There are several variants of this program, from the command line versions that come with Windows, to the graphical versions found on the Mac and at web sites like Nearly any FTP client should work, including Microsoft's FrontPage web publishing software (when configured to use FTP). Regzilla cannot support client FTP software, though it is relatively easy to use and often comes with online help or user documentation.

Connect using the account name and password you provided (don't use any "" suffixes).

Once connected, you will see several directories. The two you will most likely be concerned with are called "htdocs" and "logs".

The "htdocs" directory is the root of your web site. This is where all your content should be uploaded. Content will be available immediately to anyone visiting your web site.

The "logs" directory contains the logs from your web site. The "access_log" file contains the hits you've received, one per line. The "error_log" file holds all the errors the web site has encountered. This can be used to find broken links or other mistakes, but also contains the URLs of pages that people have mistyped or misspelled.

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